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Booking Information
To book or for further information contact:

Booking Agent
Janet Simmons

Campsite Manager
Brenda Edgeworth
5629 Norland Drive
Kamloops, B.C.
V2C 5H8
(250)-573-3576 or

Residential Site
Located on the upper half of the property. There are four buildings that can accommodate 
up to 36 campers. There is a main cooking dining facility with a covered deck, four small open areas allow for a variety of outdoor activities.
Camp Sites
The four camping sites at Camp Selhowtkan are situated on the lower half of the property so there is privacy for each group. There are common areas (flag poles, fire pit, lifeguard quarters) that are shared therefore, on site groups can arrange cooperative use.

Nearby Attractions:

Adams Lake - A long narrow lake (approximately 21 miles long) provides many opportunities for water activities including wind surfing & sailing.  Indian markings can be found on the cliffs, if you look carefully!
The Flume Trail - A historical trail located between the Adams Lake Store & the Adams Lake Mill. Access is right off the main road with ample parking. The trail runs alongside an old flume (a boxed waterway used to transport logs). Remnants still can be seen at various parts on the upper trail.
The upper trail is an uphill walk with a small pool at the end (NOT suitable for swimming). Some spectacular waterfalls can be seen. Can be buggy!
The lower trail is a short cool walk on a hot day.
Roderick Haig Provincial Park - Some hiking is available at the site of annual Sockeye salmon run (Fall). Has salmon information signs and numerous walking paths along the Adams River.  Located 30-50 minutes from the campsite.
Scotch Creek - Numerous attractions are available (horseback riding, bumper boats, etc) in & around Scotch Creek.

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