Classic and Mint Cookies
When are Girl Guide cookies available?
    Girl Guide cookies are available twice a year - the chocolatey mint cookies are available every fall (October to December) and the classic chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies are available every spring (from approximately March to June).

How much does a box of Girl Guide cookies cost?
      Girl Guide cookies are sold for only $6.00 a box.

How many boxes of Girl Guide cookies are sold each year?
  Over 4.4 million boxes of Girl Guide cookies are sold each year across Canada.
The Cookie History

In 1927, a Girl Guide leader in Regina baked and packaged cookies for her girls to sell as a simple way to raise money for their uniforms and camping equipment. Little did she know that she was starting one of Canada’s best-loved traditions - Girl Guide cookies!

Today, Girl Guide cookies are the official fundraiser of Girl Guides of Canada. All money raised through cookie sales support girls and women in Guiding by:

  • Helping to provide diverse and exciting programs and activities
  • Allowing girls the chance to discover new interests, learn valuable leadership skills and making lasting friendships
  • Assisting girls and leaders to attend camps and events
  • Providing training and support for Guiding leaders
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When I buy Girl Guide cookies, where does my money go?
    Proceeds from the sale of Girl Guide cookies support Guiding activities - both in your community and across the country. The money raised through cookie sales:
 • Helps us provide diverse and exciting programs and activities.
 • Allows girls the chance to discover new interests, learn valuable leadership skills and make lasting friendships.
 • Assists girls and leaders with attending camps and events.

How does cookie selling benefit girls?
    Cookie selling not only raises funds for Guiding programs, but also provides opportunities for girls to develop skills such as:
 •Teamwork                                         •Self-confidence
 •Planning and goal setting                 •Responsibility
 •Community involvement                   • Safety awareness
 • Self-motivation                                  •Problem solving & decision making
 •Money and time management          •Customer service
Girl Guide Cookies are here! 

Girls have already started door to door sales and also selling at local super markets. Cookies are the number one fundraiser for Girl Guides.

Girl Guides like 9 year old Kait B., 8 year old Lily C., and 9 year old Cameron E. are raising money to attend a week long camp at Camp Olave on the Sunshine Coast; this will be their first provincial camp! 
For 7 year old Kylie E., it means funding to participate in trips to the firehall and weekend camps at Camp Selhowtkan (Adams Lake). Girls across Kamloops have been accepted to international trips (Japan) for the summer of 2018. These trips offer the opportunity for girls to learn independence, responsibility, and experience the world outside their doors.

Please support your local Girl Guide when she comes to your door. We will try to reach as many houses as we can; and if we miss you, please call 1-800-565-8111 (answered locally). You can also look up cookie events on our website
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