Girl Guides Of Canada
Thompson Nicola Area
Why do girls in Guiding wear a uniform?
A uniform is worn by Members to create a sense of unity and to identify them as Girl Guides. When girls all wear the same Girl Guide uniform, it brings us together, unites our image and helps the public recognize us when we are out in the community. Wearing the uniform also allows girl Members to show the awards they have received, the badges they have earned and events they have participated in.

How will girls in different branches be identified?
Each branch of Guiding still has its own distinctive colour, which is reflected in the accent colour in each
branch’s shirt – pink for Sparks, brown for Brownies, blue for Guides, green for Pathfinders and red for Rangers.

When can I buy a new uniform?
The uniforms are available for purchase at
Uniform Exchange:
Area is accepting donations of used uniforms to provide to any girl in need.
In appreciation for the donated uniform , the girl with recieve an
"I Recycled My Uniform" crest.

Please contact Tara Decker at to recycle your uniform.